Centennial Partners With REELY to Automate Highlights

The Centennial Conference has partnered with REELY to automate highlights.
The Centennial Conference has partnered with REELY to automate highlights.

First NCAA Division III Conference to Join REELY with Broad Deployment Across 11 Member Schools


SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - REELY Corp. announced a groundbreaking milestone today adding the Centennial Conference as the first NCAA Division III Conference into the REELY ecosystem.  The Conference office and all 11 Member Schools will have access to the RocketReel platform to create and easily distribute clips and highlights in real-time with condensed games available shortly after each event.  

Once only available to professional and elite sports because of price considerations, video based Artificial Intelligence is now available to virtually all levels of play.  From youth, to high school, to college, and beyond, REELY helps schools tell their story by easily allowing them to create, rank, sort, and distribute highlights in real-time.  This partnership represents a critical step forward for the Conference giving them more short-form content to utilize than ever before.


“We are thrilled to become the first Division III collegiate conference to partner with REELY and benefit from its cutting-edge technology, said Centennial Conference Executive Director Steve Ulrich. “REELY’s platform will allow the Conference Office and our member institutions to provide our students, parents, alums and fans of our programs with quality real-time content across our social media platforms.”

Starting this spring, the Centennial Conference will implement REELY across field and gym sports with a broader deployment starting next season.  The platform empowers users to immediately deliver content across social media channels with one click. Working in real-time for live webcasts, and up to eight times real-time speed for uploaded content, more relevant video will be available to fans across the Conference.

“In addition to enhancing workflow efficiencies and simplifying content distribution REELY is able to empower content creators to tell stories with content that was previously off-limits due to budgetary constraints.” said Ian Stephens, Co-Founder and CMO. “How many incredible plays are missed because schools are priced out of video production or lack the staff to create content in real-time? Our platform is making highlights available to everyone at a fraction of the typical cost.

From inception, REELY has focused on ensuring the machine vision based AI worked well to identify and isolate key game moments.  Recent innovations have driven down the cost making access to the REELY platform much more affordable. Future enhancements, already under development, will give conferences and schools even more tools to tell their stories and enhance their brands-- bringing big league technology to the masses.


The Centennial Conference provides for athletic competition among institutions that share high academic aspirations and are committed to the importance of the total educational experience for students engaged in sports.


REELY’s mission is to empower content owners to build stronger brands by enhancing fan engagement with clips, highlights, and condensed games. Core to the REELY ecosystem is a proprietary artificial intelligence based platform that leverages computer vision and machine learning to automatically clip, tags, rank and distribute short-form content in real time.  The platform supports both traditional sports and eSports for a growing list of global clients.