2016-17 SAAC Members

Chair: Polly Terzian, Dickinson
NCAA SAAC Representative: Michael Rubayo, Swarthmore

(picture from 2015-16 SAAC)
Front Row: Jenn Silverman, Kloe Martin, Polly Terzian, Gabrielle Manto, Tori Sankey, Skyler Ellenburg,
Ji Yoon Ahn.

Back Row: Jason Rudich, Zach Kronick, Brett Poniros, Sophia Way, Katie Clark, Michael Rubayo,
Lou Carusillo.


School Name Yr. Sport
Bryn Mawr TBD  
Dickinson Polly Terzian Sr. Cross Country, Track & Field
  TBD   Advisor
Franklin & Marshall TBD

  Patty Epps   Advisor
  Missy Mariano    Advisor
  Kathy Ham    Advisor
Gettysburg Tori Sankey  Sr. Field Hockey
  Carol Cantele   Advisor
Haverford TBD
  Dave Beccaria   Advisor
  Jamie Schneck   Advisor
Johns Hopkins TBD
  Kelsie Gory   Advisor
McDaniel Nina Breece
 Sr. Women's Tennis
  Becky Martin   Advisor
  Jessica Wolverton   Advisor
Muhlenberg TBD

  Megan Eddinger   Advisor
Swarthmore Michael Rubayo  Sr. Men's Basketball
  Nnenna Akotaobi   Advisor
Ursinus Christopher Jablonski
  Stan Exeter   Advisor
Washington College TBD
  Rachel Boyle   Advisor
  Heidi Yetman   Advisor


2016-17 Meeting Dates

Date: TBD
Location: Franklin & Marshall College
Guest Speaker: TBD
Centennial Conference Contact: Jessica Huntley, jessica.huntley@centennial.org 

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

I. Mission Statement
As part of our mission statement to faculty and administration, we choose:

1. To recognize that athletics help to develop a well-rounded student, not only by providing discipline and time management skills, but also by allowing the athlete to set and achieve individual and team goals. Our athletic participation enhances our collegiate experience.

2. To facilitate open communication between the athletic and academic communities to discuss issues regarding the aforementioned goals.

3. To have an active role in each decision-making process involving our well-being as student-athletes.

II. Composition
The Centennial Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) shall be composed of at least 22 student-athletes in good academic standing from member institutions. Each institution is entitled to have at least two representatives with the following stipulations - representatives must be either sophomores, junior or seniors; representatives should be one male and one female (two of one gender permitted from single-sex institution); one of the representatives shall be the chair of the institution's student-athlete advisory committee.

III. Role of the Committee
The role of the SAAC is to give the student-athlete a voice in the policy-making process of the Centennial Conference.

IV. Meetings
The SAAC shall meet two times during the academic year - once in November, and once in April. Meeting sites, times and dates will be selected by the Conference Office.

V. Functions
The SAAC will serve as the liaison between the student-athletes of the Centennial Conference and the Administrative Delegates. The SAAC will be the "voice" to share concerns and to discuss other issues impacting the welfare of the student-athlete. The SAAC shall receive information on and explanations of Conference activities and legislation, and shall review and react to topics referred to it by Conference committees and by the Delegates.

VI. Officers
The chair and vice-chair of the SAAC shall be elected by the committee. The chair must be a member of the senior class at her/his institution and must be in good academic standing. The vice-chair must be either a sophomore or a junior at his/her institution and must also be in good academic standing.

VI. Duties of the Officers
The Chair will chair the meetings of the SAAC and will be invited along with the Vice-Chair to attend the Administrative Delegates meetings in the fall, winter and spring. The Chair will be "voice without vote" at the Delegates meeting. The Vice-Chair will assist the Chair in running the meeting and will assume the duties of the Chair in case of her/his absence from the meeting.

VII. Voting Procedures
Each institution's delegation has one vote at the SAAC meeting. To endorse or oppose a motion, a two-thirds affirmative vote of the institutions present is required. An abstention is a neutral vote, then requiring a two-thirds affirmative vote of the remaining institutions.

VIII. Advisor
The Assistant Executive Secretary will serve as the SAAC advisor.

NCAA SAAC website

Past Chairs
1995 - Nate Suter, Haverford
1996 - Annie Guzek, Dickinson
1997 - Gigi Koundinya, Johns Hopkins
1998 - Rachael Wagaman, Gettysburg
1999 - Justin McCarthy, Washington
2000 - Chiemi Suzuki, Bryn Mawr
2001 - Nicole Evans, Gettysburg
2002 - Elena Guarinello, Haverford
2003 - Amanda Rogers, Bryn Mawr
2004 - Catherine Salussolia, Swarthmore
2005 - Meghan Lockard, Gettysburg
2006 - David Poolman, Haverford
2007 - Stephanie Wujcik, Bryn Mawr
2008 - Andrew Lolley, Muhlenberg
2009 - Valerie Sauers, Franklin & Marshall
2010 - Nicole Morano, Franklin & Marshall; Sam Permutt, Haverford
2013 - Rose Pitkin, Swarthmore
2014 - Dana Feigenbaum, Ursinus
2015 - D.J. Bradshaw, Washington College