2017 Field Hockey Guide

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Angela Meng, Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr (1-15 in 2016, 0-10 CC, 11th place)
Head Coach: Victor Brady (Swarthmore '13), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 262-481-59 since 1925
Centennial Titles (0)

Key Returnees: Mary Cugini, So, M, 2-0-4; Lydia Fisher, So, D, 1-0-2; Angela Meng, So, GK, 4.63 GAA; .676 SV%.
Key Losses: C Garcia-Bacha, F, 1-0-2; Haley Newsham, M, 1-0-2; Samantha Heyrich, M, 1-0-2.
Preseason Poll Projection: 11th
Outlook: The Owls ended their 2016 season with a win and will look to keep that momentum going in 2017. The trio of sophomores Cugini, Fisher, and Meng have a year of experience under their belt and will be the leaders of a very young squad. If some of the eight first-years are able to make an impact immediately, the Owls could put a good season together.

Kim Monteferante, Dickinson

Dickinson (12-7 in 2016, 6-4 CC, 4th place, lost to Ursinus in CC semifinals, 5-2)
Head Coach: Carly Zinn (Lock Haven '10), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 336-437-49
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (5): 2004-08-13-15-16

Key Returnees: Kim Monteferante, Sr, D, 2-4-8, 1st Team All-CC; Chelsea Kramer, Jr, F, 19-6-44, 2nd Team All-CC; Amber Dey, Sr, F, 5-8-18; Taylor Bednar, Jr, F, 6-3-15.
Key Losses: Catherine Perlmutter, F, 16-5-37, 2nd Team All-CC; Merritt Davis, D, 1-2-4.
Preseason Poll Projection: 4th
Outlook: The Red Devils return several key players from a season ago and should be well positioned to make a title run in 2017. Monteferante, a senior and two-time all-conference performer, returns to lead a defense that recorded seven shutouts last year. Kramer, a 2016 All-CC selection and the teams top goal-scorer, will lead the offensive efforts again this year with teammates Dey and Bednar. Dickinson will be a top team again this year.

Annie Horsley, Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall (16-5 in 2015, 9-1 CC, lost to Ursinus in CC final, 2-1 OT; lost in NCAA Quarterfinals to Babson, 1-0)
Head Coach: Kaitlyn Eager (William Smith '10), 1st season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics | Season Preview (8/28)
All-Time Record: 434-340-36 since 1973
Centennial Titles (1): 2012
Playoff Appearances (12): 2001-02-04-05-07-09-11-12-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Annie Horsley, Sr, M, 1-7-9, 1st Team All-CC; Ilianna Santangelo, Jr, GK, .89 GAA, .793 SV%, 1st Team All-CC; Sarah Schannauer, Sr, B, 0-6-6, 2nd Team All-CC; Mel Gula, So, M, 2-4-8; Colleen Francis, So, D, 1-1-3; Erin Coverdale, So, M, 10-3-23; Sydney Cole, Sr, F, 8-4-20; Emily Nagle, Jr, F, 8-4-20.
Key Losses: Bridget Falcone, D, 1st Team All-CC; Melanie Consiglio, F, 12-2-26.
Preseason Poll Projection: 2nd
Outlook: Eager returns to Franklin & Marshall as the head coach and will look to continue the successes she had with the Diplomats as an assistant coach for six-years. Santangelo and Schannauer, both All-CC selections last year, return to lead a defense that posted eight shutouts last season. Horsley, a two-time All-CC selection, will control the middle, while Cole and Nagle will lead the offensive efforts. The Diplomats are a top contender for a Conference title in 2017.

Julia Soares
Julia Soares, Gettysburg

Gettysburg (7-8 in 2016, 5-5 CC, 6th place)
Head Coach: Barb Jordan (Penn State '86), 16th season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics | Season Preview (8/29)
All-Time Record: 493-364-62 since 1948
Centennial Titles (5): 1994-97-98-99-2001
Playoff Appearances (10): 2001-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-12 

Key Returnees: Julia Soares, So, F, 2-3-7; Lindsay Kraus, Sr, F, 5-3-13; Lily Neibart, Sr, M, 1-3-5; Philippa Lumsden, Sr, D, 2-4-8; Haley Mowery, Sr, GK, 2.62 GAA, .724 SV%.
Key Losses: Hannah Fitzgerald, F, 10-3-23, 1st Team All-CC; Samantha Wright, Sr, F, 12-3-27, 2nd Team All-CC; Nina Diamond, D; Kathryn Hardman, F, 2-1-5; Tori Sankey, F, 4-5-13.
Preseason Poll Projection: 6th
Outlook: The Bullets will look to contend for a spot in the postseason in 2017. Seniors Lumsden and Mowery return to lead the defensive efforts, while Soares and Krause will control the offense. With the graduation of the top-two point-scorers from last season, Gettysburg will need to find replacement scorers if they want to continue to climb the Conference standings this season.

Danielle Rette, Haverford

Haverford (10-8 in 2016, 6-4 CC, lost to Dickinson in CC first-round, 4-3 2OT)
Head Coach
: Jackie Cox (St. Joseph's '06), 8th season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics 
All-Time Record: 276-343-12 since 1980
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (7): 2009-10-11-12-13-15-16

Key Returnees: Stephanie Terrell, Sr, M, 2-0-4, 2nd Team All-CC; Danielle Rette, Sr, GK, 1.82 GAA, .766 SV%, 2nd Team All-CC; Paige Carson, Sr, M, 8-4-20; Elena Veale, Sr, A, 7-3-17; Caroline Aronowitz, So, M, 0-1-1; Mason McNulty, Jr, A, 8-0-16; Casey Wakai, So, A, 1-2-4.
Key Losses: Natalie Leslie, B, 3-2-8, 1st Team All-CC; Nicole Witte, A, 1-2-4.
Preseason Poll Projection: 5th
Outlook: With almost their entire starting line-up returning from last season, the Fords should make another postseason run in 2017. All-Conference selections Terrell and Rette return for their senior year to control the midfield and defense, respectively. Carson, Veale and McNulty are the top point-scorers from last season and will lead the offensive efforts. Haverford is well positioned to be in the playoff hunt again this year.

Clare Kavanagh

Clare Kavanagh, Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins (7-10 in 2016, 3-7 CC, T-7th Place)
Head Coach: Jane Wells (Rhodes '03), 1st Season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics | Season Preview (8/29)
All-Time Record: 389-276-27 since 1975
Centennial Titles (4): 1993-99-2000-03
Playoff Appearances (12): 2000-01-02-03-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-14 

Key Returnees: Katie McErlean, So, M, 2-4-8, 2nd Team All-CC; Clare Kavanagh, Sr, F, 7-1-15; Morgan Pothast, Sr, F, 6-0-12; 
Key Losses: Shannon Cosgrove, M; Austin Davis, F, 1-3-5; Victoria Piscopo, F, 2-4-7.
Preseason Poll Projection: 7th
Outlook: There is a lot of excitment in the air with the arrival of Wells as head coach. All-CC selection McErlean returns for her sophomore year with a year of experience under her belt to control the middle for the Blue Jays. Seniors Kavanagh and Pothast were the leading point-scorers last season and return to lead the offense. Hopkins will need some newcomers to make an immediate impact if they want to make a postseason appearance in 2017.

Gabrielle Yore, McDaniel

McDaniel (5-12 in 2016, 4-6 CC, T-7th place)
Head Coach: Melissa Miranda Jones (Longwood '99), 12th season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 336-369-42 since 1935
Centennial Titles (1): 2002
Playoff Appearances (4): 2002-03-05-06 

Key Returnees: Gabrielle Yore, Sr, F, 15-1-31, 2nd Team All-CC; Megan Quattrone, Jr, F/M, 5-2-12; Emily Farrell, So, D, 1-4-6; Paige West, Jr, D, 0-1-1.
Key Losses: Sarah Bach, M, 4-4-12; Haley VanNostrand, F, 3-2-8; Suzy Banister, F/M, 0-1-1.
Preseason Poll Projection: 9th
Outlook: The Green Terror are set to improve in Conference play this season. Three-time All-CC selection and the top goal-scorerer Yore returns for her senior season along with junior Quattrone to lead the offense. Farrell and West are back to control the defense. McDaniel has the potential to climb a few spots in the standings in 2017.

Alexandria DeAngelo, Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg (18-3 in 2016, 9-1 CC, lost to F&M in CC Semifinal 4-1)
Head Coach: Megan Eddinger (Gettysburg '01), 13th season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics | Season Preview (8/28)
All-Time Record: 437-280-35 since 1955
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (7): 2000-06-07-12-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Emma Rosenthal, Sr, GK, .97 GAA, .771 SV%, 2nd Team All-CC; Emily Davis, Jr, M, 3-3-9, HM All-CC; Anna Kennedy, Sr, D, 2-2-6; Alyssa Scott, Sr, D, 0-1-1; Alexandria DeAngelo, Sr, F, 4-5-13
Key Losses: Rachel Strow, F, 21-7-49, 1st Team All-CC, CC Player of the Year; Emily Boyle, M, 11-10-32, 1st Team All-CC; Claudia Theriault, B, 2nd Team All-CC; Taylor Smith, F, 13-4-30; Sarah Barbakoff, D.
Preseason Poll Projection: 3rd
Outlook: Despite graduating several key players from last season, including CC Player of the Year Strow, the Mules are not short on talent and should be a strong program again in 2017. Rosenthal, Kennedy and Scott return to lead a defense that recorded 10 shutouts last year. DeAngelo will propel the offense, while Davis will control the middle. If the Mules can find some replacement scorers, they should be well positioned to make a title run again this season.

Sierra Spencer
Sierra Spencer, Swarthmore

Swarthmore (5-13 in 2016, 1-9 CC, 10th place)
Head Coach: Hannah Allison (Penn State '13), 1st season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics
All-Time Record: 607-462-76 since 1916
Centennial Titles (3): 1995-96-97
Playoff Appearances (1): 2000 

Key Returnees: Zelda Bank, Jr, GK, 2.48 GAA, .775 SV%, HM All-CC; Sierra Spencer, Sr, F, 9-0-18; Sophie Peipher, So, F, 2-2-6; Nicole Phalen, Sr, D; Jane Blicher, Sr, D.
Key Losses: Ursula Monaghan, M, 3-3-9, 2nd Team All-CC; Jordyn Bell, M, 7-3-17; Kat Baryenbruch, D, 0-3-3; Katherine Ianni, D, 0-3-3.
Preseason Poll Projection: 10th
Outlook: A new era begins for the Garnet as Hannah Allison takes over the program. All-CC selection Bank returns in the goal with seniors Phalen and Blicher in front of her on defense. Spencer, the teams leading goal-scorer from a season ago, returns to lead the offensive efforts. While Allison hopes to lead Swarthmore to a higher finish in the standings this season, it may be another year or two until the team has postseason success.

Erin Saybolt, Ursinus

Ursinus (17-5 in 2016, 9-1 CC, defeated Franklin & Marshall in CC final, 2-1 OT; lost in NCAA Quarterfinal to Salisbury, 1-0)
Head Coach: Janelle Benner (Old Dominion '06), 7th season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2015 Statistics 
All-Time Record: 769-372-74
Centennial Titles (12): 2004-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-13-14-15-16
Playoff Appearances (14): 2003-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Erin Saybolt, So, M, 3-3-9, CC Rookie of the Year; Brooke Overly, Sr, F, 12-8-32; Bridget Sherry, Jr, D, 2nd Team All-CC, 4-1-9; Jules Singer, Jr, GK, 1.1 GAA, .720 SV%; Emma Frees, Sr, D.
Key Losses: Aliki Torrence, B, 4-4-12, 1st Team All-CC; Amber Steigerwalt, F, 16-5-37, 1st Team All-CC; Ann Kopera, D, 9-6-24; Colleen Leahy, F, 13-4-30; Rachel Zane, D, 0-2-2.
Preseason Poll Projection: 1st
Outlook: Ursinus will have to replace several key point-scorers from last year in order to make it five-straight Conference titles but the Bears are never short on talent. Senior Overly will propel the offensive efforts, while the 2016 CC Rookie of the Year Saybolt will control the middle. Frees and Sherry return on defense in front of junior goalkeeper Singer. The Bears have the experience and depth to defend their title in 2017.

Morgan Domanico, Washington College

Washington College (6-11 in 2016, 3-7 CC, T-8th)
Head Coach: Anne Kietzman (William Smith '13), 1st season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | 2016 Statistics | Season Preview (8/25)
All-Time Record: 277-252-4 since 1984
Centennial Titles (1): 1997
Playoff Appearances (9): 2000-01-02-04-05-10-11-12-14 

Key Returnees: Morgan Domanico, Jr, GK, 1.19 GAA, .750 SV%, HM All-CC; Courtney Rainey, Sr, D; Katie Arnold, Sr, D; Maggie Cancelmo, Jr, M, 1-2-4; Natalie Theriault, Jr, M, 1-0-2; Sophie Grabiec, So, M, 1-2-4; Emily Pantazes, Jr, A, 2-0-4.
Key Losses
: Elizabeth Davis, M, 7-2-16, 1st Team All-CC; Allison Remenapp, M, 2-4-8, 2nd Team All-CC; Alli Dudley, F, 8-0-16.
Preseason Poll Projection
: 8th
Outlook: The Shorewomen begin a new era under Anne Kietzman and will challenge for a playoff berth this fall. Washington College returns the core of their defense behind All-CC selection Domanico in goal, while Cancelmo and Theriault will control the midfield. The Shorewomen will need replace their top-point scorers from last season if they want to return to the postseason in 2017.