2018 Field Hockey Preview

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Sara Rilatt, Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr (6-11, 0-10 CC, 11th place)
Head Coach: Victor Brady (Swarthmore '13), 3rd season
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All-Time Record: 268-492-59 since 1925
Centennial Titles (0)

Key Returnees: Sara Rilatt, Soph, D, 2-4-8, 2nd team All-CC; Mary Cugini, Jr, M, 6-0-12; Kelly Bergman, Soph, F, 3-1-7; Lydia Fisher, Jr, D, 3-2-8; Abigail Lua, Sr, F, 2-1-5; Leia Robinson, Soph, F, 1-2-4. 
Key Losses: Angela Meng, GK, 2.44 GAA, 63.9 save pct.
Preseason Poll Projection: 10th
Outlook: The Owls posted their best overall record since the 1996 team finished 11-8 a year ago and look for even better things this fall. Rilatt had an outstanding rookie campaign and anchors the backline along with Fisher. Bergman, Lua and Robinson are the headliners up front, while Cugini is the leading returning goal scorer after tallying six at midfield. Bryn Mawr is continuing to make strides and hopes that last year's experience translates to more wins in 2018.


Jillian Beemon, Dickinson

Dickinson (10-7, 5-5 CC, T-5th place)
Head Coach: Carly Zinn (Lock Haven '10), 3rd season
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All-Time Record: 346-444-49
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (5): 2004-08-13-15-16

Key Returnees: Jillian Beemon, Jr, M, 0-1-1, 2nd team All-CC; Chelsea Kramer, Sr, A, 11-5-27; Kayla Bendinelli, Sr, M, 4-1-9; Marie Laverdiere, Soph, M, 2-4-8; Emily Mycek, Soph, D, 3-1-7; Emma Godfrey, Soph, A, 3-0-6.
Key Losses: Kim Monteferante, D, 2-3-7, 1st team All-CC; Amber Day, A, 6-2-14; Alex Bonser, M, 3-3-9; Lily Mott, M, 1-1-3; Danielle Schwab, M, 0-1-1; Freddie Bancroft, GK, 1.68 GAA, 78.3 save pct.
Preseason Poll Projection: 6th
Outlook: The Red Devils just missed out on the playoffs last fall and looks to return to the postseason for the third time in four seasons in 2018. Kramer is a gifted scorer with 37 career goals and leads the offense along with Godfrey. Bendinelli and Laverdiere team with Beemon in the midfield, while Mycek is the headliner on the backline. Heather Meeder steps into the starter role in goal. Dickinson will be contending for a playoff spot at the end of the season.


Erin Coverdale, Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall (18-4, 9-1 CC, d. Johns Hopkins in CC final, 2-1; lost to Middlebury in NCAA semifinal, 2-1)
Head Coach: Kaitlyn Eager (William Smith '10), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 452-344-36 since 1973
Centennial Titles (2): 2012-17
Playoff Appearances (13): 2001-02-04-05-07-09-11-12-13-14-15-16-17

Key Returnees: Erin Coverdale, Jr, F, 16-7-39, 1st team All-CC, CC Offensive Player of Year; Ilianna Santangelo, Sr, GK, 0.87 GAA, 81.6 save pct, 2nd Team All-CC; Emily Nagle, Sr, F, 12-5-29; Nicole Bodo, Sr, M, 5-3-13; Lily Mynott, Soph, F, 6-1-13; Melissa Gula, Jr, M, 0-1-1; Caitlin Morrissey, Jr, D, 0-2-2; Colleen Francis, Jr, D; Juliana Keagle, Sr, D. 
Key Losses: Annie Horsley, M, 12-3-27, 1st team All-CC; Sarah Schannauer, D, 2-5-9, 2nd team All-CC; Sydney Cole, F, 8-5-21, 2nd team All-CC; Paige Notarianni, F, 2-1-5.
Preseason Poll Projection: 1st
Outlook: The Diplomats won their second Centennial title a year ago and reached the NCAA semifinals before being ousted in OT by eventual national champ Middlebury. F&M led the Conference with 65 goals last fall and returns Coverdale, the reigning Offensive Player of the Year, Nagle and Mynott who combined for 34-13-81. Bodo and Gula anchor the midfield, while Keagle, Morrissey and Francis are veteran defenders in front of Santangelo. The Blue and White are positioned to repeat and could make another deep NCAA run.


Julia Soares, Gettysburg

Gettysburg (7-9, 5-5 CC, T-5th place)
Head Coach: Barb Jordan (Penn State '86), 17th season
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All-Time Record: 500-373-62 since 1948
Centennial Titles (5): 1994-97-98-99-2001
Playoff Appearances (10): 2001-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-12 

Key Returnees: Emma Bertrando, Soph, F, 7-1-15, 2nd team All-CC; Julia Soares, Jr, M, 4-1-9, 2nd team All-CC; Allison Cavicchio, Soph, F, 3-0-6; Megan Kratz, Soph, F/M, 2-1-5; Grace Torrance, Soph, M, 2-1-5; Brooke Matthews, Sr, D.
Key Losses: Haley Mowery, GK, 1.88 GAA, 81.6 save pct, 1st team All-CC; Lindsey Kraus, F, 3-3-9; Jamie Relin, F, 3-0-6; Victoria Umbach, F, 2-1-5; Lily Neibart, 0-3-3; Phillippa Lumsden, D.
Preseason Poll Projection: 7th
Outlook: The Bullets were ousted from playoff contention on the final day and look to return to the postseason for the first time since 2012. Bertrando had a strong rookie season and leads the offense alongside Cavicchio and Kratz. Soares and Torrance anchor the midfield, while Matthews is a veteran presence on the backline. The Orange and Blue does need to find a 'keeper to replace Mowery. That position and how well she plays could make the difference between the postseason and sitting at home in November.


Mason McNulty, Haverford

Haverford (11-8, 5-5 CC, lost to Johns Hopkins in CC semifinal, 2-1, OT)
Head Coach
: Jackie Cox (St. Joseph's '06), 9th season
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All-Time Record: 287-351-12 since 1980
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (8): 2009-10-11-12-13-15-16-17

Key Returnees: Rachel Gordon, Jr, M, 1-5-7, 2nd team All-CC; Caroline Aronowitz, Jr, D, 1-2-4, HM All-CC; Mason McNulty, Sr, A, 8-2-18; Paige Powell, Sr, M, 7-1-15; Lucy Tortolani, Jr, F, 3-0-6; Alissa Valentine, Sr, A, 3-0-6; Roxy Vassighi, Soph, F, 3-0-6; Casey Wakai, Jr, M, 3-0-6; Kelsey Chai, Soph, F, 2-0-4; Leela Krishnan, Soph, D, 1-2-4.
Key Losses: Stephanie Terrell, M, 4-1-9; 1st team All-CC; Elena Veale, M, 4-1-9; Paige Carson, M; Danielle Rette, GK, 1.53 GAA, 75.6 save pct.
Preseason Poll Projection: 4th
Outlook: The Fords came on strong at the end of last season to make the tournament and nearly toppled No. 1 seed Johns Hopkins in the semifinal. The nucleus is back for a deeper postseason run. McNulty, Valentine and Tortolani provide a veteran frontline, while Vassighi and Chai look for even better things. Powell, Gordon and Wakai are solid in the midfield, while Aronowitz is the anchor of the backline. Haverford has made the playoffs in each of the past three seasons and should make it four this fall.


Grace Hillman, Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins (14-5, 9-1 CC, lost to Franklin & Marshall in CC final, 2-1)
Head Coach: Jane Wells (Rhodes '03), 2nd Season
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All-Time Record: 389-276-27 since 1975
Centennial Titles (4): 1993-99-2000-03
Playoff Appearances (13): 2000-01-02-03-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-14-17

Key Returnees: Grace Hillman, Sr, M, 1-2-4, 1st team All-CC, CC Defensive Player of Year; Jodie Baris, Jr, GK, 0.94 GAA, 84.3 save pct, 1st team All-CC; Katie McErlean, Jr, M, 6-1-13, HM All-CC; Valerie Henderson, Soph, F, 2-3-7; Lucy Reider, Sr, M, 2-2-6; Megan Ophel, Sr, F, 2-0-4; Seema Sajjan, Soph, M, 0-3-3; Sophie Kim, Jr, D.
Key Losses: Clare Kavanagh, F, 13-5-31, 1st team All-CC; Amy Hallowell, D, 2nd team All-CC; Morgan Pothast, F, 6-5-17; Princess Sutherland, F, 8-0-16; Francesca Cali, D, 2-4-8.
Preseason Poll Projection: 2nd
Outlook: The Blue Jays shocked the Conference last fall, capturing the top seed for the tournament before falling in the final. The defense is solid with the return of Hillman, the reigning CC Defensive Player of the Year, and Baris, a 1st team All-CC keeper. McErlean anchors the midfield alongside Reider, while Henderson and Ophel lead the frontline. Hopkins will not sneak up on anyone in 2018 and has the talent to return to the postseason.


Megan Quattrone, McDaniel

McDaniel (2-15, 1-9 CC, 10th place)
Head Coach: Kellina Yarrish (Keystone '13), 1st season
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All-Time Record: 338-384-42 since 1935
Centennial Titles (1): 2002
Playoff Appearances (4): 2002-03-05-06 

Key Returnees: Megan Quattrone, Sr, F, 4-5-13, HM All-CC; Paige West, Sr, D, HM All-CC; Emily Houska, Jr, F, 6-0-12; Jensyn Koontz, Jr, F, 0-2-2; Emily Farrell, Jr, D; Megan Kotelchuck, Sr, D; Hannah Maxwell, Sr, M; Meghan Sadler, Jr, F; Paige Ford, Soph, GK, 3.43 GAA, 75.4 save pct.
Key Losses: Gabrielle Yore, F, 3-2-8.
Preseason Poll Projection: 11th
Outlook: A new era dawns on The Hill as Yarrish takes over the reins. The cupboard is not bare with the return of Quattrone and Houska who combined for 10-5-25 a year ago. Maxwell is a veteran presence in the midfield, while West and Kotelchuck anchor the defense in front of Ford. The Green Terror look to make strides toward a future playoff spot this fall.


Stephi Rydgren, Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg (7-9, 5-5 CC, T-5th place)
Head Coach: Megan Eddinger (Gettysburg '01), 14th season
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All-Time Record: 444-289-35 since 1955
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (7): 2000-06-07-12-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Stephi Rydgren, Sr, F, 7-3-17; Rachel Richards, Soph, F, 4-1-9; Courtney Allen, Jr, F, 3-1-7; Emily Davis, Sr, M, 1-2-4; Sophie Beeler, Soph, B; Morgan Tietz, Soph, B; Jordan Segrave, Sr, GK, 0.00 GAA, 1.000 sav pct (6 games).
Key Losses: Alyssa Scott, D, 1st team All-CC; Laura Holdman, M, 5-5-15, 2nd team All-CC; Alexandria DeAngelo, F, 3-2-8; Emma Rosenthal, GK, 1.88 GAA, 77.9 save pct.
Preseason Poll Projection: 8th
Outlook: The Mules just missed out on a fourth consecutive CC playoff berth last fall and look to begin a new streak in 2018. 'Berg will be young with just two seniors - Rydgren and Davis, a former CC Rookie of the Year. Richards and Allen teamed with Rydgren for 14 goals and five assists last season. Beeler and Tietz picked up valuable experience as rookies in 2017 and lead the defense in front of a new keeper. Muhlenberg will be heard from come playoff time.


Zelda Bank, Swarthmore

Swarthmore (7-10, 2-8 CC, 9th place)
Head Coach: Hannah Allison (Penn State '13), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 614-472-76 since 1916
Centennial Titles (3): 1995-96-97
Playoff Appearances (1): 2000 

Key Returnees: Zelda Bank, Sr, GK, 2.47 GAA, 74.4 save pct, HM All-CC; Riya Garg, Sr, M, 3-3-9; Kathleen Carmichael, Sr, F, 4-0-8; Ali Baratta, Soph, F, 3-1-7; Halsey Hutchinson, Soph, F, 2-0-4; Samie Martin, Soph, M; Chelsea Semper, Soph, D.
Key Losses: Sophie Peipher, M, 5-2-12; Clare Perez, F, 3-4-10; Sierra Spencer, M, 3-0-6; Jane Blicher, D, 0-3-3; Nicole Phalen, D.
Preseason Poll Projection: 9th
Outlook: The Garnet begins year two of the Allison era after posting the program's most wins in a season since 2012. Carmichael is the veteran forward and teams with Baratta and Hutchinson who picked up valuable experience as rookies. Garg is the anchor at midfield, while Bank is an All-CC keeper. Swarthmore needs significant contributions from its first-year class to make a run at its first playoff berth since 2000.


Bridget Sherry, Ursinus

Ursinus (10-8, 8-2 CC, lost to Franklin & Marshall in CC semifinal, 3-1)
Head Coach: Janelle Benner (Old Dominion '06), 8th season
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All-Time Record: 779-380-74
Centennial Titles (12): 2004-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-13-14-15-16
Playoff Appearances (15): 2003-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17

Key Returnees: Bridget Sherry, Sr, D, 4-0-8, 1st team All-CC; Erin Saybolt, Jr, M, 6-4-16, 2nd team All-CC; Gemma Dufoe, Jr, F, 6-2-14; Gabriela Howell, Soph, M, 3-4-10; Devon Carroll, Soph, M, 1-4-6; Erin McIlhenny, Soph, D, 2-1-5; Abbie Roberts, Jr, F, 2-1-5; Brianne Nicholas, Jr, M, 1-1-3; Mikayla Jordan, Sr, D; Jules Singer, Sr, GK, 1.93 GAA, 70.7 save pct.
Key Losses: Brooke Overly, F, 13-4-30, 1st team All-CC; Emma Frees, D.
Preseason Poll Projection: 3rd
Outlook: The Bears' streak of reaching the CC final ended at four in 2017 but Ursinus has the returning nucleus to gain its fifth Centennial title in six seasons this fall. Saybolt and Dufoe are a potent 1-2 on offense, combining for 12-6-30 a year ago, while Howell and Carroll are counted on for even more production. Sherry is one of the top defenders in the region and teams with Jordan and McIlhenny for a veteran defense in front of Singer. The Bears are positioned for a 16th consecutive playoff berth and will make a run at title No. 13.


Kailyn Brandt, Washington College

Washington College (9-9, 6-4 CC, lost to Haverford in CC 1st round, 2-1)
Head Coach: Anne Kietzman (William Smith '13), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 286-261-4 since 1984
Centennial Titles (1): 1997
Playoff Appearances (10): 2000-01-02-04-05-10-11-12-14-17

Key Returnees: Kailyn Brandt, Soph, F, 10-6-26, 1st team All-CC, CC Rookie of Year; Nicole Schroyer, Sr, M, 4-3-11, HM All-CC; Emily Pantazes, Sr, F, 7-2-16; Grace Steele, Soph, F, 7-0-14; Olivia Auer, Sr, M, 4-2-10; Clare Ingersoll, Sr, F, 3-1-7; Megan Ritchey, Soph, M, 3-0-6; Maggie Cancelmo, Sr, M, 0-2-2; Alison Pantazes, Sr, F, 1-2-4; Morgan Domanico, Sr, GK, 1.95 GAA, 77.4 save pct.
Key Losses
: Katie Arnold, D, 2nd team All-CC; Michaela Conners, F, 2-3-7; Courtney Rainey D.
Preseason Poll Projection
: 5th
Outlook: The Shorewomen reached the Conference playoffs a year ago and have the nucelus to go farther in 2018. Brandt exploded on the scene with 10 goals and was named CC Rookie of the Year in 2017. The Pantazes sisters and Ingersoll are veterans up front, while Steele also had a strong first collegiate campaign. Schroyer and Auer are anchors in the midfield, while Domanico is a two-year starter in goal. With eight seniors back in the fold, Washington College is poised for a memorable 2018 season.