Centennial Conference Field Hockey Assists the Sports Bra Project

Centennial Conference Field Hockey Assists the Sports Bra Project

Courtesy of Haverford College Athletics 

The Centennial Conference field hockey programs have become involved in an initiative called the Sports Bra Project. The teams are working and organizing sports bra drives with the goal to provide 500 sports bras to girls and women in Uganda.

The organization was founded by Sarah Dwyer-Shick and seeks to address a lack of access (whether it be due to logistical, cultural or financial factors) to a sports bra as a barrier to sport participation for some girls and women. Whether worn for comfort or modesty, the sports bra is an essential piece of equipment that helps enable girls and women to gain access to sport.

Utilizing networks of female coaches and athletes to collect and distribute sports bras, The Sports Bra Project is striving to eliminate one barrier to increase the likelihood of sports participation for all girls and women across the globe. Currently, the Sports Bra Project is working with the organization Growing the Game For Girls to provide deliveries to women's athletic programs in Uganda, Peru, Malawi, Cameroon and Mexico.  

You can learn more about the Sports Bra Project by following the organization on Twitter @SportsBraProjec or by navigating to their Facebook page here.