2017 Men's Soccer Guide

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Leading Returning Scorers

Jason Tonelli, Franklin & Marshall 11-2-24
Robert Maze, Franklin & Marshall  9-1-19
Nick Jannelli, Haverford  8-3-19
Patrick Santini, Gettysburg  7-5-19
Pete Luther, Muhlenberg  7-3-17
Ben Field, Haverford  6-4-16
Ugo Okolie, Franklin & Marshall  3-9-15
Griffin Bull, Washington College  6-0-12
Will Bracken, Dickinson  5-2-12
Michael Nafziger, Swarthmore  5-1-11
Anthony Carracino, Muhlenberg  4-3-11

Leading Returning Goalkeepers

Bryan See, Johns Hopkins 0.49 .880
Jeremy Astesano, Haverford 0.74 .806
Josh Samuels, Washington College 1.02 .747
Tommy Keane, Gettysburg 1.26 .750
Nick Over, McDaniel 1.62 .736


Will Bracken, Dickinson

Dickinson (8-8-2 last season, 5-3-1 CC, lost to Washington College in CC 1st round, 2-1)
Head Coach: Brian Redding (McDaniel '93), 14th season
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All-Time Record: 460-433-74 since 1931
Centennial Titles (1): 2011
Playoff Appearances (9): 2007-08-09-11-12-13-14-15-16 

Key Returnees: Matt Edmonds, Sr, M, 3-4-10, 1st team All-CC; Chris Pollock, Sr, M, 1-0-2, HM All-CC; Macsen Pritchard, Sr, B, 1-0-2, HM All-CC; Will Bracken, Sr, F, 5-2-12; Brendan McGovern, Soph, M, 4-2-10; Ward Van de Water, Jr, F, 2-2-6; Ryan Brown, Sr, M; Jason Santos, Sr, B; Austin Sumners, Sr, B.
Key Losses: Danny Sheppard, F, 6-5-17, 2nd team All-CC; Jeremy Palcan, GK, 81.1 save pct, 1.32 GAA, HM All-CC.
Preseason Poll Projection: 5th
Outlook: The Red Devils qualified for the Conference playoffs for the sixth straight season and look to extend that streak in 2017. Bracken is a veteran forward, while Edmonds and Pollock both earned All-CC honors at midfield. Pritchard, Santos and Sumners are an experienced backline, while a keeper must be found in camp. Dickinson is always a threat to contend for the Centennial title and this fall should be no exception.


Wyatt Fabian, Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall (15-4-4 last season, 7-1-1 CC, lost to Haverford in CC final, 2-1; lost to Calvin in NCAA Elite Eight, 4-1)
Head Coach: Dan Wagner (Messiah '96), 16th season
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All-Time Record: 588-486-104 since 1926
Centennial Titles (1): 2013
Playoff Appearances (10): 2002-06-07-10-11-12-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Ugo Okolie, Jr, F, 3-9-15, 1st team All-CC, 3rd team All-America, 2015 CC Rookie of the Year; Wyatt Fabian, Sr, B, 1-4-6, 1st team All-CC, 3rd team All-America; Jason Tonelli, Sr., F, 11-2-24, 1st team All-CC; Alex Bilodeau, Jr, M, 2-1-5, HM All-CC; Robert Maze, Soph, F, 9-1-19; Ryan Fincher, Jr, F, 1-4-6; Ben Draheim, Sr, B, 0-2-2.
Key Losses: Dave Reingold, GK, .841 save pct, 0.72 GAA, 1st team All-CC; Ben Wild, B, 2-0-4, 2nd team All-CC; Jeremy Levine, B, 3-3-9, HM All-CC.
Preseason Poll Projection: 2nd 
Preseason National Ranking: 6th
Outlook: The Diplomats reached the national quarterfinals a year ago and return the talent to make another deep run in the NCAAs. Okolie and Tonelli are returning first-team All-CC forwards and along with Maze combined for 33 goals last fall. Bilodeau is the leader of the midfield, while Fabian, an All-American in 2016, and Draheim anchor the backline. Franklin & Marshall must find a goalkeeper to step up duing camp. That might be the missing piece of a championship puzzle in 2017.


Patrick Santini, Gettysburg

Gettysburg (9-4-3 last season, 4-3-2 CC, 6th place)
Head Coach: Mark Mettrick (Hartwick '88), 4th season at Gettysburg, 24th overall
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All-Time Record: 556-510-107 since 1930
Centennial Titles (3): 1993-99-2001
Playoff Appearances (8): 2001-02-03-05-06-07-08-10  

Key Returnees: Ezekiel Omosanya, Soph, B, 2-0-4, 1st team All-CC; Patrick Santini, Sr, F, 7-5-19, HM All-CC; Jimmy Evangelos, Sr, M, HM All-CC; Lucas Weissman, Sr, M, 2-1-5; Bobby Weikert, Soph, B; Thomas Keane, Soph, GK, 75.0 save pct, 1.26 GAA, HM All-CC.
Key Losses: Henry Smith, F, 11-5-27, 1st team All-CC; KJ DePontes, M, 2-3-7, HM All-CC; Mark Yearick, B.
Preseason Poll Projection: 4th
Outlook: The Bullets have missed the CC playoffs for the past six seasons but expect to end that streak in 2017. Santini earned All-Centennial honors a year ago and is the leading returning scorer. Evangelos received postseason recognition in the midfield, while Weissman provides experience and leadership. Omosanya became just the 10th freshman to earn first-team All-CC honors and will anchor the defense along with Weikert in front of Keane. Gettysburg is poised to return to the postseason and could make a run to the CC final.


Russell Nicholson, Haverford

Haverford (14-3-4 last season, 8-1 CC, d. Franklin & Marshall in CC final, 2-1, tied UMass-Boston in NCAA 2nd round, 1-1)
Head Coach: Shane Rineer (Eastern '06), 7th season
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All-Time Record: 805-592-148 since 1901
Centennial Titles (3): 2012-15-16
Playoff Appearances (6): 2011-12-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Dorian Wirz, Sr, M, 1-4-6, 1st team All-CC, 2013 CC Rookie of Year; Nick Jannelli, Soph, F, 8-3-19, 2nd team All-CC, 2016 CC Rookie of Year; Ben Field, Sr, F, 6-4-16, 2nd team All-CC; Russell Nicholson, Sr, M, 2-3-7, 2nd team All-CC; Michael Carr, Jr, M, 2-1-5; Nick John, Jr, B; Reiss Berger, Jr, B; Jeremy Astesano, Jr, GK, 80.6 save pct, 0.74 GAA.
Key Losses: Maclyn Willigan, B, 1-2-4, 1st team All-CC; Will Corkery, M, 4-4-12, 2nd team All-CC; Tejan Walcott, F, 4-4-12, HM All-CC; Matt Clausen, F, 3-0-6; Sam Miller, GK, 81.1 save pct, 0.79 GAA, HM All-CC. 
Preseason Poll Projection: 1st
Preseason National Ranking: 18th
Outlook: The two-time defending Centennial champions have the returning talent to three-peat in 2017. Jannelli, the Conference's Rookie of the Year, and Field combined for 14 goals and seven assists a year ago up front. Wirz and Nicholson are two of the top midfielders in the region and Carr makes for a talented trio. John and Berger anchor the backline in front of Astesano. Haverford has become a perennial power and is in position to win its fourth CC crown in six seasons.


Bryan See, Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins (12-3-3 last season, 6-3 CC, tied F&M in CC semifinal, 0-0)
Head Coach: Craig Appleby (Charlotte '94), 10th season
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All-Time Record: 656-396-105 since 1935
Centennial Titles (8): 1996-98-2000-02-04-06-07-09
Playoff Appearances (16): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16

Key Returnees: Drew Collins, Sr, M, 2-1-5, 2nd team All-CC; Mike Swiercz, Sr, B, 1-1-3, 2nd team All-CC; Cole Rosenberger, Jr, B, 0-3-3; Jonah Muniz, Jr, B, 1-2-4; Connor Jacobs, Soph, B; Arden Chew, Jr, M, 4-0-8; Liam Moylan, Soph, F, 2-3-7; Achim Younker, Soph, F, 3-1-7; Bryan See, Sr, GK, 88.0 save pct, 0.49 GAA.
Key Losses: Samy Ramadane, F, 8-4-20, 1st team All-CC, CC Player of Year; Victor Osio, F, 6-5-17, 2nd team All-CC.
Preseason Poll Projection: 3rd
Outlook: The Blue Jays have made 16 consecutive appearances in the Conference playoffs but have not brought the trophy home to Homewood since 2009. That could change this fall. The defense will be Hop's strength with Swiercz, Rosenberger, Muniz and Jacobs. See is one of the top keepers in the region. Collins and Chew will anchor the midfield, while Younker and Moylan had strong first seasons at forward. Hopkins lost 14-9-37 to graduation and if the Jays can replace that scoring, it could be a championship season in the Charm City.


Nick Over, McDaniel

McDaniel (5-9-3 last season, 0-7-2 CC, 9th place)
Head Coach: Steve Corrieri (Wolverhamption University '00), 5th season
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All-Time Record: 493-590-112 since 1924
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (4): 2001-03-04-05 

Key Returnees: Raul Escobar, Sr, M, 2-3-7; Pat Palin, Soph, M, 4-1-9; Randall Hilleary, Soph, B, 1-0-2; Michael Thompson, Sr, D, 0-3-3; Greysen Brockbank, Soph, F, 2-1-5; Billy Rodgers, Jr, F, 1-1-3; Diego Vargas, Soph, F; Nick Over, Sr, GK, 73.6 save pct, 1.62 GAA.  
Key Losses: Kerry Shutt, M, 4-0-8; Carlos Valdez, M, 3-0-6; Matt Mackenzie, M. 
Preseason Poll Projection: 10th
Outlook: The Green Terror suffered through growing pains a year ago but hope to use the experience to make a run at the Conference's first division in 2017. Brockbank, Rodgers and Vargas saw signifcant action up front last fall, while Escobar and Palin combined for 6-4-16 at midfield. Thompson and Hillaery anchor the backline in front of Over, who has started all 51 matches in his collegiate career. McDaniel may not be ready for a postseason appearance but will be a difficult out in 2017.


Anthony Carracino, Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg (4-9-3, 2-6-1 CC, 8th place)
Head Coach: Sean Topping (Muhlenberg '98), 15th season
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All-Time Record: 604-408-92 since 1943
Centennial Titles (6): 1994-95-97-2003-05-14
Playoff Appearances (12): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-14 

Key Returnees: Anthony Carracino, Sr, M, 4-3-11, HM All-CC; Pete Luther, Soph, M, 7-3-17; Kevin Irving, Jr, M, 0-2-2; Brian Heckman, Jr, M; Jan Chmura, Sr, B; Jordan Schreer, Jr, GK, 78.9 save pct, 1.25 GAA in 2015.
Key Losses: Christian Wieand, M, 4-3-11; Jack Dusing, B; Phil Rahling, F; Nick Sarkos, F; Patrick Bell, B; Marshall Hanyon, GK, 70.6 save pct, 1.62 GAA.
Preseason Poll Projection: 8th
Outlook: The Mules struggled through a challenging 2016 campaign but hope that the lessons learned last fall pay dividends this season. Luther is one of the top returning goal scorers in the Conference and makes for a potent midfield duo with Carracino. The pair combined for 11 of the Mules' 22 goals from last season. Chmura is an experienced back, while Schreer returns after a year's absence in goal. Muhlenberg made 11 straight playoff appearances from 2001-11 but has made the postseason just once since. The Mules will be in contention for a tournament berth come late October.


Michael Nafziger, Swarthmore

Swarthmore (7-10-1 last season, 3-6 CC, 7th place)
Head Coach: Eric Wagner (Connecticut College '88), 16th season
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All-Time Record: 611-509-113 since 1916
Centennial Titles (2): 2008-10
Playoff Appearances (9): 2004-05-06-08-09-10-12-13-15

Key Returnees: Michael Nafziger, Sr, F, 5-1-11; Tommy Sheehan, Sr, M, 3-3-9; Omri Gal, Jr, M; Felix Laniyan, Soph, B, 0-1-1; Ryan Ward, Sr, D, 1-2-4; Cameron Ricciardi, Jr, M, 2-0-4; Quentin Millette, Soph, F, 1-1-3; Zach Viscusi, Soph, F, 1-0-2; Ian Cairns, Soph, D; Michael Thut, Jr, GK, 72.4 save pct, 1.67 GAA.
Key Losses: Ryan Meuth, B, 2-0-4, 2nd team All-CC; Billy Evers, F, 4-2-10.
Preseason Poll Projection: 6th
Outlook: The Garnet went 1-6-1 in its final eight matches to miss the playoffs a year ago. Turning that record around is paramount to a postseason appearance in 2017. Nafziger led Swat in scoring last fall and leads the forwards along with youngsters Millette and Viscusi. Sheehan is a talented playmaker in the midfield, along with Ricciardi and Gal. Ward and Lanyan headline the defense in front of Thut. Swarthmore will be knocking on the playoff door come November.


Ben Amaral, Ursinus

Ursinus (4-11-1 last season, 0-8-1 CC, 10th place)
Head Coach: Keith Cappo (Catholic '04), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 130-268-27 (1993-2016)
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (0) 

Key Returnees: Ben Amaral, Jr, F, 3-2-8; Justin Molyneaux, Jr, M, 1-2-4; Colin Klingman, Soph, B; Derek Rudy, Jr, D, 1-1-3; John Romero, Jr, M; Tim Yarosh, Jr, D; Brandon Lillian, Jr, GK, 76.2 save pct, 1.21 GAA.
Key Losses: Ryan Molyneaux, M, 4-1-9, 2nd team All-CC; Noah Kimelheim, M, 2-1-5; Kyle Woulfe, F, 2-1-5; Stephen Meixner, B, 1-0-2; Vince Maiorano, GK, 76.0 save pct, 1.85 GAA.
Preseason Poll Projection: 9th
Outlook: After a promising start, the Bears' season went south a year ago but the lessons learned in the first year of a new era may provide payoffs in 2017. Amaral is an experienced forward, while Molyneaux and Romero hold down the midfield. Klingman started all 16 games as a rookie and teams with Rudy and Yarosh on the backline. Lillian is the heir apparent between the pipes. Ursinus has never made the Centennial playoffs and may still be a year away from the postseason.


Michael Holowesko, Washington College

Washington College (10-7-2 last season, 5-2-2 CC, lost to Haverford in CC semifinal, 2-1)
Head Coach: Roy Dunshee (South Carolina '83), 6th season
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All-Time Record: 465-474-84 since 1946
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (1): 2016 

Key Returnees: Michael Holowesko, Sr, B, 4-0-8, 2nd team All-CC; Josh Samuels, Jr, GK, 74.7 save pct, 1.02 GAA, 2nd team All-CC; Griffin Bull, Soph, M, 6-0-12; Brian Graham, Jr, F, 1-3-5; Kyle Gaeffke, Jr, F, 2-0-4; Skyler Clark, Sr, M, 1-1-3; Chris Gingrich, Sr, D.
Key Losses: Dimitri Kaliakin, M, 1-12-14, 1st team All-CC; Brian Wilkinson, F, 6-2-14, HM All-CC; Cole Strong, B, 3-0-6, HM All-CC; Chris Lewandowski, F, 4-2-10; Derek Stiles, D, 0-1-1; Christian Cooke, M; Drew Thompson, M.
Preseason Poll Projection: 7th
Outlook: The Shoremen qualified for the Conference playoffs for the first time and advanced to the semifinals before being ousted. Now with a taste of the postseason, can WAC overcome graduation losses to return to the postseason again? The defense may be the Shoremen's strength with the return of Holowesko and Gingrich in front of Samuels. Bull shared the team goal-scoring lead last fall, while Graham and Gaeffke will be expected for more offense in 2017. A run to the semis might be a tall order for Washington College but it will be in the hunt for another playoff berth.