New Ticket Policy Established for 2013 Swimming Championship

In conjunction with our host institution at Franklin & Marshall College, the Centennial Conference has instituted the following ticket policy for the 2013 Men's and Women's Swimming Championship.

In order to make the swim championships a memorable experience for our student athletes and the spectators alike, we will implement the following changes.  We strongly believe that these changes will greatly enhance the fan experience and also allow our coaches and administrative staff members to turn their attention on the student athletes, whose talents will be on display during the course of championship weekend.

-       Each institution will receive 2 tickets per entered participant, a maximum of 36 tickets per gender per session.

-       Each institution will have the option of either receiving their ticket allotment in advance or providing F&M with a will call list for each of the six sessions.

  • Ticket Allotment Option:
    • The institution will receive an allotment of tickets for each session along with an invoice for the total cost of all the tickets.
    • F&M will not accept any unused tickets.
  • Will Call List Option:
    • The institution will have until noon on the Monday of championship week to provide a will call list for each session. 
    • A template will be provided for you to use. No other forms except for this official document will be accepted.
    • Each person must have a picture ID to claim their ticket.
    • Only a head coach or an authorized designee (should be named at the time the will call lists are returned to F&M) can make changes to the list once they have been submitted.  All changes must be made in person at least one hour prior to the facility being opened for spectators.

-       Alternate swimmers will not require a ticket.  However, they must be on deck with their teammates and are not permitted in the seating gallery area. 

-       It will be up to each participating institution to determine ticket allocation.

-       The facility will not open until one (1) hour prior to the start of each session.  Spectators will not be allowed in the building until that time.                            

-       Seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Seat saving will not be permitted.   We will reserve the right to change that decision if it leads to ANY disruption, complaints or arguments amongst spectators.  Such behavior will also be grounds for expulsion from the venue, without refund, for the duration of that session and/or the remainder of Championship weekend.

-       Re-entry will be allowed, and tickets will be transferable at the gallery entrance only, but only one person per ticket is allowed in the spectator balcony at any given time.

The F&M seating gallery will accommodate every person with a ticket distributed by the institution or picked up at will-call. The Conference will rely on the cooperation of all members of the Centennial community to ensure a positive experience that conforms to all fire codes and regulations.