2018 Women's Soccer Guide

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Leading Returning Scorers

Marin McCoy, Swarthmore 18-12-48
Michelle Santangelo, Johns Hopkins 18-4-40
Riley O'Toole, Johns Hopkins 15-2-32
Olivia Sabatino, Washington College 7-4-18 
Lizzie King, Swarthmore 7-1-15
Arianna Sabatino, Washington College 6-2-14
Saede Eifrig, Haverford 5-2-12
Maddy Rocks, Johns Hopkins 5-2-12
Samantha Esposito, Gettysburg 4-3-11
Lindsay Russell, Washington College 4-3-11
Seneca Kinn-Gurzo, Swarthmore 3-4-10
Isabel Klatt, Gettysburg 5-0-10
Emily Maheras, Johns Hopkins 5-0-10
Alyssa Rose, Muhlenberg 4-2-10

Leading Returning Goalkeepers

Libby Juliano, Muhlenberg 0.74 .889
Julie Hanss, Haverford 1.01 .729
Mary Katherine Brosnan, Dickinson 1.03 .818
Sabrina Doherty, Ursinus 1.06 .833
Amy Shmoys, Swarthmore 1.13 .755


Leah Baer, Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr (0-13-1, 0-9-1 CC, 11th place)
Head Coach: Paul Stinson (Kenyon '00), 3rd season
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All-Time Record: 157-368-34
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (0) 

Key Returnees: Leah Baer, Sr, GK, 3.76 GAA, 72.2 save pct.; Emily Elmore, Jr, M; Elena Luedy, Sr, B; Gwen Vandivere, Jr, F; Izzy Finkler, Soph, F.
Key Losses: Kara Breeden, D.; Codie Fiedler-Kawaguchi, M.
Preseason Poll Projection: 11th
Outlook: Bryn Mawr concluded the 2017 season with their strongest game of the year. This fall, the Owls look to pick up right where they left off. Despite losing Breeden and Fiedler-Kawaguchi to graduation, the majority of the team will return. Senior Baer will be back in goal, having led the conference in saves last season, tallying 169. Other key veterans include Luedy and Elmore, the team’s top returning scorer. With a strong incoming class, Bryn Mawr has potential to improve in the conference standings.

Rachel Lazris, Dickinson

Dickinson (11-5-1, 5-4-1 CC, 6th place)
Head Coach: Ted Zingman (Johns Hopkins '00), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 308-257-46
Playoff Appearances (4): 2005-08-09-10 
Finals (4): 2005-08-09-10 
Centennial Titles (0) 

Key Returnees: Rachel Lazris, Jr, M, 2-0-4, 2nd team All-CC; Mary Katherine Brosnan, Sr, GK, 1.03 GAA, 81.8 save pct., HM All-CC; Killian Donohue, Sr, M/D, 1-4-6; Olivia Termini, Sr, M, 3-0-6; Briona Davis, Sr, F, 0-3-3; Ally Diez, Soph, M; Bryce Delaney, Jr, D/F; Eryn McDonald, Jr, D; Annie Pendleton, Soph, D; Addy Zandi, Jr, M, 1-2-4; Briona Davis, Sr, F, 0-3-3.
Key Losses: Amanda Masterson, GK; Alexandra Goldrich, D/F, 1-1-3; Liza Tomczuk, F.
Preseason Poll Projection: 5th
Outlook: Dickinson finished right on the cusp of postseason play after falling to Gettysburg in a playoff deciding match-up. Lazris, a 2nd team All-CC selection in 2017, will lead the team with her solid defensive abilities as well as with her proven ability to handle the ball under pressure. After playing every minute in the net last season and tabbing HM All-CC honors, Brosnan will continue to fortify the defense. Offensively, Gugliotta, Dedrickson, Zandi, Harris and Krause all tallied 7+ points last fall as underclassmen and return with another year of experience under their belts. The Red Devils have great potential to earn their first conference tournament berth since 2010.

Nicolette Runko, Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall (6-9-1, 2-7-1 CC, 9th place)
Head Coach: John Sumoski (University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown '92), 1st season
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All-Time Record: 296-285-45
Playoff Appearances (3): 2001-02-11 
Finals (0) 
Centennial Titles (0) 

Key Returnees: Nicolette Runko, Jr, B, 1-2-4, 2nd team All-CC; Gabby Panayotakis, Soph, GK, 1.27 GAA, 80.0 save pct., HM All-CC; Ali Cunniffe, Soph, D; Lauren Kranis, Sr, D; Meghan Byrne, Sr, D; Sabrina Graziano, Sr, M; Kirsten Heine, Soph, M; Allison Klei, Soph, D, 2-0-4; Christina Marinos, Soph, D.
Key Losses: Reanna Leoni, F, 10-3-23, 1st team All-CC; Kyra Judge, M/F; Blaise Ebanietti, D; Isabella Raspa, M/D.
Preseason Poll Projection: 8th
Outlook: The Diplomats graduated 1st team All-CC forward Leoni who scored 10 of the team’s 19 goals last year. Sumoski, entering his first year as head coach at Franklin & Marshall, must design an offense that can make up for this significant loss. That being said, the Diplomats’ defense held opponents to 21 goals in 2017. All but one of their starting defenders will return, led by 2nd team All-CC selection Runko and HM All-CC goalie Panayotakis. Franklin & Marshall proved their ability to stay up with nationally ranked teams, specifically shutting out No. 15 Stevens last year. It will need to establish an offense that can contend with the top teams in the conference this season.

Lauren Miesemer, Gettysburg

Gettysburg (9-7-2, 6-4-0 CC, 5th place, lost to McDaniel in CC first round, 1-0 OT)
Head Coach: Matt Garrett (Slippery Rock), 11th season
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All-Time Record: 312-185-46
Playoff Appearances (15): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17
Finals (4): 2002-03-04-11 
Centennial Titles (5): 1993-94-98-99-2004

Key Returnees: Lauren Miesemer, Sr, M, 3-2-8; Isabel Klatt, Jr, 5-0-10; Brooke Priddy, Jr, M, 0-3-3; Kerry Sammon, Soph, GK, GAA 1.13, 75.7 save pct.; Caroline Kostecky, Jr, M; Samantha Esposito, Sr, F, 4-3-11; Tatum Lareau, Jr, B; Jules Myers, Soph, B.
Key Losses: Maddie Heaney, B, 3-5-11, 2nd team All-CC; Gillian Sencindiver, B; Jessica Cuttone, B; Krissy Bradley, M, 2-2-6; Hannah Hallos, M; Shannon Brady, M, 2-0-4; Nicole Crofton, B.
Preseason Poll Projection: 6th
Outlook: The Bullets made the 2017 conference playoffs and tabbed their eighth winning season in the past nine years. The team returns their top three goal scorers from 2017, but will see a loss on the defensive end. Klatt and Cenatiempo and Esposito scored 48 percent of the team’s goals last season. Defensively, Gettysburg graduated 2nd team All-CC defender Heaney as well as three other dominant starting defenders/ midfielders. Each of their seven graduates played all 18 games last season. On a positive note, 15 athletes who started at least one game last season will appear on the 2018 roster. The Bullets will need to fortify their defense in order to make their ninth straight CC playoff appearance.  

Katie Safter, Haverford

Haverford (9-6-3, 6-2-2 CC, 3rd place, lost to Swarthmore in CC semifinal, 2-1)
Head Coach: Jamie Schneck (Muhlenberg '03), 12th season
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All-Time Record: 295-245-60
Playoff Appearances (11): 2004-05-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-16-17
Finals (2): 2012-13
Centennial Titles (2): 1995-2012

Key Returnees: Katie Safter, Sr, M, 2-1-5, HM All-CC; Kelly Brown, Sr, D; Julie Hanss, Jr, GK, 1.01 GAA, 72.9 save pct.; Sydney West, Jr, M; Leanne Ludwick, Jr, F, 3-1-7; Hannah Krapes, Sr, M, 2-3-7; Grace Mathis, Sr, M, 3-3-9; Lindsay Wytkind, Jr, B; Saede Eifrig, Soph, M, 5-2-12.
Key Losses: Raina Fitzpatrick, M, 2-0-4, 1st team All-CC; Taylor Cross, B, 1st team All-CC; Skyler Ellenburg, M, 2-3-7, HM All-CC; Anna Dekle, F, 2-0-4; Safiyah Riddle, M; Sofia Licata, F; Kendall Logan, F.
Preseason Poll Projection: 4th
Outlook: Haverford looks to make its third straight playoff appearance this fall. The Fords will likely carry over their strong defensive game from 2017, which ranked second in the conference in goals against average (1.0). Graduation took two All-Conference midfielders in Fitzpatrick and Ellenburg as well as defender Cross. HM All-CC midfielder, Safter, along with a strong junior and senior class, will need to make up for these key losses. Eifrig will also be a key contributor as she led the team in goals (5) and points (12) last year. Eleven of the Fords’ returners have started at least ten competitions in their careers. Haverford’s historically deep team must be able to step-up this season if it hopes to contend for the title.

Riley O'Toole, Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins (18-3-3, 10-0 CC, tied Swarthmore in Centennial final, 2-2, PK: 2-4; lost to Williams 3-0 in NCAA Elite 8)
Head Coach: Leo Weil (Maryland '67), 27th season
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All-Time Record: 375-115-39
Playoff Appearances (17): 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17 
Finals (16): 2001-02-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17
Centennial Titles (13): 1996-97-2002-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-13-15-16 

Key Returnees: Riley O'Toole, Soph, F, 15-2-32, 1st team All-CC, Rookie of the Year; Michelle Santangelo, GS, F, 18-4-40, 1st team All-CC; Carly Lupton-Smith, Jr, F, 1-1-3; Emily Maheras, Jr, F, 5-0-10; Toni Abate, Sr, B, 0-3-3; Cristina Madalo, Sr, D; Kristen Hori, Sr, F, 1-5-7; Maddy Rocks, Jr, F, 5-2-12; Robyn Lipschultz, Jr, GK.
Key Losses: Bess Kitzmiller, GK, 0.81 GAA, 77.8 save pct, 1st team All-CC; Kyla Persky, B, 1-2-4, 2nd team All-CC; Bailey Monaco, M, 5-8-18, HM All-CC; Leslie Bruni, B, HM All-CC; Sophie Murphy, F; Thea Harvey-Brown, B; Hallie Horvath, B, 2-4-8.
Preseason Poll Projection: 1st 
Outlook: Johns Hopkins came up short in the Centennial final as the title was decided by penalty kicks. The Blue Jays graduate four All-CC performers, namely Kitzmiller, Persky, Monaco, and Bruni. Despite their losses, JHU will likely overcome such hurdles. Johns Hopkins welcomes back O’Toole, who was selected conference Rookie of the Year and named to the 1st team All-CC. The 2017 conference goals leader (18) and 1st team All-CC selection, Santangelo, will also return to play. Last fall JHU led the conference in goals (62), points (150), goals against average (0.61), and shooting percentage (14.6). Having made the conference playoff every year since its inception, the 2018 campaign looks to be no different as it is the team to beat.

Marissa Funke, McDaniel

McDaniel (12-6-2, 6-3-1 CC, tied Johns Hopkins in CC semifinals, 1-1, PK: 3-4, lost to Lynchburg 1-0 OT in NCAA 1st round)
Head Coach: Sandy Lagana (Bridgewater '04), 7th season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | Statistics
All-Time Record: 257-254-28
Playoff Appearances (4): 2013-15-16-17
Finals (1): 2016
Centennial Titles (0) 

Key Returnees: Marissa Funke, Sr, B, HM All-CC; Katie Clawson, Jr, D, 2-1-5; Rachel Engle, Sr, D; Lindsey Farrell, F, 3-3-9; Maddie Schwartz, Soph, M, 4-0-8; Allie Titus, Jr, M/F, 2-2-6; Kirsten Gibson, Sr, F, 3-3-9; Sydney Kelly, Soph, GK, 1.20 GAA, 70.7 save pct.; Annie Marshall, Sr, M.
Key Losses: Kristen Upton, B, 2-1-5, 1st team All-CC; Katie Kirschenmann, F, 8-2-18, 2nd team All-CC; Abby Keen, M, 2-8-12, 2nd team All-CC; Sarah McDonald, GK, 0.98 GAA, 81.5 save pct; Paola Rosa, M, 3-1-7.
Preseason Poll Projection: 3rd
Outlook: McDaniel had an impressive 2017 campaign, making it to the semifinals of the conference playoffs. With three All-CC graduate losses, including a defender, midfielder, and forward, the team will be looking for key leadership in multiple areas. Funke is an HM All-CC selection who will likely lead the team in the backline. Goalkeeper Kelly will return to her sophomore year with a season of experience behind her. It would not be surprising to see the Green Terror secure a fourth straight playoff appearance.

Libby Juliano, Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg (5-8-4, 3-4-3 CC, 7th place)
Head Coach: Kelly Wakeman (Moravian '04), 1st season
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All-Time Record: 256-197-42
Playoff Appearances (10): 2001-02-03-04-06-08-09-12-13-14 
Finals (2): 2001-03
Centennial Titles (3): 2000-01-03 

Key Returnees: Casarah Morales, Jr, B, 2-1-5, 1st team All-CC; Libby Juliano, Jr, GK, 0.74 GAA, 88.9 save pct., 2nd team All-CC; Danni Steigerwald, Jr, F, 1-1-3, HM All-CC; Madison Ingling, Jr, B; Karolyn Kawa, Jr, B, 0-1-1; Alyssa Rose, Jr, M, 4-2-10; Carly Shaffer, Soph, M; Meghan Macaskill, Sr, B; Makenzie O'Brien, Sr, B, 2-1-5; Sarah Theurer, Sr, M.; Mia Mulin, Soph, B.
Key Losses: Carly DeNigris, M, 4-5-13; Molly Chiodo, M.; Sarah Hunter, M, 1-1-3.
Preseason Poll Projection: 7th
Outlook: Muhlenberg returns nearly their entire starting line-up. The team will be led by junior standouts Juliano, Morales, and Steigerwald. Juliano returns as the leading conference goalkeeper in GAA (0.74). She also tabbed 2nd team All-CC. In front of Juliano will be 1st team All-CC defender Morales. Steigerwald was HM All-CC last year and will lead the attack. The Mules also enter the season with new leadership in Coach Wakeman. Although Muhlenberg may not be in position to compete for the title, it certainly has the potential to grab its first playoff berth since 2014.

Marin McCoy, Swarthmore

Swarthmore (15-4-2, 7-2-1 CC, tied Johns Hopkins in CC final, 2-2, PK: 3-1, lost to William Smith 2-0 in NCAA 2nd round)
Head Coach: Todd Anckaitis (Lafayette '95), 14th season
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All-Time Record: 286-315-46
Playoff Appearances (10): 2006-07-08-09-11-12-14-15-16-17
Finals (4): 2006-14-15-17
Centennial Titles (2): 2014-17  

Key Returnees: Marin McCoy, Sr, F, 18-12-48, 1st team All-CC, Player of the Year; Yasmeen Namazie, Sr, B, 1st team All-CC; Lizzie King, Soph, F, 7-1-15, HM All-CC; Caroline Coats, Sr, B; Amy Shmoys, Sr, GK, 1.13 GAA, 75.5 save pct; Sydney Covitz, Jr, M, 3-2-8; Melissa Curran, Sr, B; Seneca Kinn-Gurzo, Jr, M, 3-4-10.
Key Losses: Katie Dougherty, F, 8-4-20, 1st team All-CC; Hannah Lichtenstein, F, 4-2-10, 2nd team All-CC; Sarah Hancock, Sr, M, 1-1-3; Claire O'Brien, F, 0-5-5.
Preseason Poll Projection: 2nd
Outlook: The Garnet won its second-ever conference title last season and have a great opportunity to repeat. McCoy will return as a dominant force on the field. The Player of the Year and 1st team All-CC forward led the conference in goals (18), assists (12), and points (48) in 2017. Alongside McCoy will be HM All-CC attack King. The defense will feature 1st team All-CC defender Namazie as well as goalkeeper Shmoys. Swarthmore will most certainly be a top contender for the championship come November.

Sabrina Doherty, Ursinus

Ursinus (3-10-3, 2-6-2 CC, 8th place)
Head Coach: Aileen Ascolese (Rider '06), 2nd season
Team Page | Roster | Schedule | Statistics | Season Preview
All-Time Record: 169-190-32
Playoff Appearances (8): 2003-04-05-06-07-10-14-15 
Finals (1): 2007
Centennial Titles (0) 

Key Returnees: Sabrina Doherty, Soph, GK, 1.06 GAA, 83.3 save pct., HM All-CC; Zoe Tesone, Soph, D; Mackenzie Groff, Sr, F, 3-0-6; Bridget Rauh, Sr, F; Julia Ewing, Soph, F; Emma Russell, Soph, F; Rachel Coleman, Soph, F; Kasey Sheahan, Sr, F/M; Jenna Endy, Sr, M.
Key Losses: Katie Bell, M, 3-1-7, 2nd team All-CC; Kendall Crouch, M; Stephanie D'Angelo, D/M; Phoebe Shoap, D; Marisa Kalkstein, GK, 2.25 GAA, 70.7 save pct.; Anna Budny, D; Kerry Goldstein, M; Danielle Kuller, M.
Preseason Poll Projection: 9th
Outlook: The Bears struggled offensively, scoring just 10 goals in their 16 competitions. Doherty, who tabbed HM All-CC as a rookie, gained experience in goal and will strengthen the defense this fall. With the majority of starting defenders having graduated last spring, these positions will need to be filled. On the offensive end, seniors Groff and Rauh will headline. Ursinus may be a couple years away from post-season play.

Olivia Sabatino, Washington College

Washington College (7-9-1, 2-8 CC, 10th place)
Head Coach: Tom Reilly (South Carolina '83), 2nd season
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All-Time Record: 80-237-21
Playoff Appearances (0) 
Finals (0)
Centennial Titles (0) 

Key Returnees: Olivia Sabatino, Sr, F, 7-4-18, 2nd team All-CC; Arianna Sabatino, Sr, M, 6-2-14, 2nd team All-CC; Maia Duval, Jr, B; Lindsay Russell, Sr, M, 4-3-11; Cayla Marcinko, Jr, M, 1-4-6; Brenda Clark, Soph, B; Maddie Noonan, Jr, D; Courtney Colbert, Sr, GK, 1.36 GAA, 56.0 save pct.; Annalie Buscarino, Soph., GK, 2.14 GAA, 68.9 save pct.
Key Losses: Emily Caldarelli, F, 3-5-11; Maribeth Harrington, M, 1-3-5; Steph Scott, B, 2-0-4; Lexi Young, B; Hayley Hartman, F.
Preseason Poll Projection: 10th
Outlook: The Shorewomen look to improve in the conference standings this season. The Sabatino twins, Olivia and Arianna, each were named 2nd team All-CC players in 2017. The duo will lead the offense this fall. Russell and Marcinko will bring experience to the midfield, while Duval will return to the backline in front of senior goalkeeper Colbert. Washington College completed last year’s campaign with a 1.71 goals against average. The Shorewomen must develop defensively in order to advance this season.