2018 Volleyball Preview

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Camille Baechler, Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr (1-22 in 2017, 0-10 in CC, 11th place)
Head Coach: Nicole Reiley (Seton Hall '07), 7th Season
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All-Time Record: 402-623-1 since 1968
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (0) 

Key ReturneesCamille Baechler, Sr, MB/OH, 1.49 KPS, 2.05 DPS; Casandra Paiz, Soph., L, 2.53 DPS; Eliza Todd, Soph., OH, 2.26 KPS, .126 Hitting Pct, 1.76 DPS; Sienna Burnett, Jr, MB, 1.07 KPS; Jessie Zong, Jr, OH, 1.75 DPS.
Key Losses
Nolan Julien, S, 4.12 APS.
Preseason Poll Projection
: 11th
: Bryn Mawr graduates just one senior from the 2017 roster. The Owls’ offense will be led by Baechler and Todd. Paiz will anchor the defense from the libero position. With just one senior, the junior class must provide leadership as the Owls aim to improve.   

Tatiana Lopez, Dickinson

Dickinson (9-17 in 2017, 2-8 in CC, 9th place)
Head Coach: Andrew Pile (Limestone College, '13), 4th Season
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All-Time Record: 410-698-1 since 1976
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (4): 2004-06-07-08 

Key ReturneesTatiana Lopez, Soph., DS, 5.37 DPS, .56 SA/S, HM All-CC; Jamie Singer, Soph., OH/RS, 1.97 KPS, .125 Hitting Pct., 2.02 DPS; Jordyn Park, Soph., 1.47 KPS, 1.22 DPS; Megan Gombatz, Sr, OH, 1.43 KPS, .126 Hitting Pct.; Kristin Allgaier, Soph. S, 6.22 APS, 1.67 DPS.
Key LossesNorma Jean Park, MH, 2.09 KPS, .198 Hitting Pct, .79 BPS; Erin Bongo, OH, 1.71 KPS, 1.18 DPS; Lauren Beecher, MH, 1.76 KPS, .289 Hitting Pct; Anastasiya Khlopina, MH, .62 BPS; Emeline Jones, OH, 1.49 DPS.
Preseason Poll Projection: 8th
Outlook: Dickinson continues to develop as this young team looks to advance in the conference standings. Lopez will likely pace the defense after earning All-Conference honors as a freshman. With five players having graduated last spring, including the team's top hitter Park (2.09 KPS), the Red Devils must fortify their offense accordingly. Although Dickinson may not be fully equipped for a postseason appearance this year, it is certainly moving in that direction.

Grace Maggiore
, Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall (16-12 in 2017, 7-3 in CC, lost to McDaniel in CC first round, 2-3)
Head Coach
: Mary Kate Boland (Franklin & Marshall '01), 16th Season
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All-Time Record: 809-499-2 since 1973
Centennial Titles (6): 1993-94-99-2000-10-14
Playoff Appearances (18): 1997-98-2000-02-03-04-05-06-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17

Key ReturneesGrace Maggiore, Soph., S, 8.58 APS, 1.19 KPS, .282 Hitting Pct., 2.56 DPS, 2nd team All-CC; Grace Polisano, Jr, OH, 2.64 KPS, .160 Hitting Pct, 2.45 DPS, HM All-CC; Delaney Hahn, Soph. OH, 2.79 KPS, .153 Hitting Pct., 2.59 DPS; Gabby Mavroidis, Soph., L, 2.87 DPS; Barbara Kapustin, Sr, OH, 2.03 KPS, .180 Hitting Pct., 1.14 DPS.
Key Losses: Cassie Garison, RS, 1.47 KPS, .156 Hitting Pct.; Shae Murphy, L/DS, 3.00 DPS.
Preseason Poll Projection: 4th
Outlook: Franklin & Marshall looks to make its 11th straight conference playoff appearance this fall. All-Conference setter Maggiore and outside hitter Polisano will lead the offense. With a year of experience under their belts, Mavroidis, Hahn, and Maggiore will secure the defense. The Diplomats’ playoff streak is likely to continue.

Allie Stranick, Gettysburg

Gettysburg (20-8 in 2017, 5-5 in CC, 6th place)
Head Coach: Leah Bernier (Maine '02), 9th Season
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All-Time Record: 1,016-433-4 since 1976
Centennial Titles (11): 1994-95-96-97-98-99-2001-02-03-04-05
Playoff Appearances (16): 1997-98-2000-01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13

Key ReturneesAllie Stranick, Soph., OH, 3.36 KPS, .200 Hitting Pct., 3.19 DPS, HM All-CC; Kasey Higgins, Jr, OH, 2.73 KPS, .255 Hitting Pct.; Shannon Fletcher, Jr, MH, 1.58 KPS, .166 Hitting Pct., .52 BPS; Brooke Newell, Soph. S, 7.13 APS, 1.47 DPS.
Key LossesStephanie Blair, S, 8.76 APS, 3.21 DPS; Maddie Weikert, OH, 2.15 KPS, .176 Hitting Pct., 3.45 DPS; Katherine Gilbert, DS, 4.69 DPS; Lauren Godshalk, MH, 1.65 KPS, .193 Hitting Pct., .59 BPS.
Preseason Poll Projection: 7th
Outlook: Gettysburg has not made the conference playoffs since 2013, narrowly missing the cut last fall. The Bullets' biggest challenge will be replacing the four key players they lost to graduation. There is considerable opportunity for newcomers to make an immediate impact. Stranick did just that her freshman campaign, earning All-Conference recognition. If the Bullets can effectively fill these positions, they will be in the mix for postseason play.

Natalie Pisch, Haverford

Haverford (16-13 in 2017, 5-5 in CC, 7th place)
Head Coach: Drew Hargrave (Washington University '13), 3rd Season
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All-Time Record: 598-442 since 1982
Centennial Titles (4): 2006-07-08-09
Playoff Appearances (16): 2000-01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-14-15-16

Key ReturneesNatalie Pisch, Sr, OH, 3.54 KPS, .226 Hitting Pct, 3.54 DPS, HM All-CC; Sara Matsumura, Jr, OH/DS, 1.87 KPS, .193 Hitting Pct., 5.23 DPS, HM All-CC; Claire Nicholas, Soph., 2.67 KPS, .155 Hitting Pct., 2.84 DPS; Sydney Miller, Soph., S, 2.30 DPS; Julia Gallagher-Teske, Jr, MH, 1.71 KPS, .238 Hitting Pct, .89 BPS.
Key LossesZoe Wong, S, 1.08 KPS, .262 Hitting Pct., 9.18 APS, 1.49 DPS, 1st team All-CC.
Preseason Poll Projection: 6th
Outlook: The Fords missed the conference playoffs for the first time in three seasons last fall, but look to return this year. Although Haverford must replace 1st team All-Conference setter Wong, they return the rest of the 2017 squad. The team will look up to All-Conference honorable mention outside hitters Pisch and Matsumura for guidance. Pisch led the conference in kills per set (3.54) while Matsumura ranked fourth in digs per set (5.23). Haverford should not be overlooked this fall.

Louisa Kishton, Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins (26-4 in 2017, 10-0 in CC, d. Swarthmore in CC Championship, 3-1)
Head Coach: Tim Cole (Juniata '06), 6th Season
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All-Time Record: 597-384 since 1984
Centennial Titles (5): 2011-12-13-16-17
Playoff Appearances (18): 1997-98-2000-01-02-03-04-05-07-08-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17 

Key ReturneesLouisa Kishton, Jr, OH, 2.92 KPS, .277 Hitting Pct., 3.83 DPS, 1st team All-CC; Natalie Aston, Soph., S/MB, 1.23 KPS, .310 Hitting Pct., 6.38 APS, .83 BPS, 1st team All-CC, CC Rookie of the Year; Simone Bliss, Soph., OH, 3.17 KPS, .225 Hitting Pct., 2nd team All-CC; Esther Hong, Sr, L, 2.91 DPS;

Key LossesElizabeth Wuerstle, OH, 2.80 KPS, .292 Hitting Pct, 1.02 SA/S, 1st Team All-CC, CC Player of the Year; Kristi Rhead, S, 1.53 KPS, .335 Hitting Pct., 3.76 APS, HM All-CC.
Preseason Poll Projection: 1st
Outlook: Can the Blue Jays secure their third straight conference title in 2018? Despite the loss of two All-Conference athletes, including CC Player of the Year, Wuerstle, Johns Hopkins has considerable returning talent that could certainly win it all. Aston will set up Kishton and Bliss on the outside, each of whom earned All-Conference nods, while both Kishton and Hong will fortify the defense.

Taylor Bauman, McDaniel

McDaniel (19-9 in 2017, 6-4 in CC, lost to Johns Hopkins in CC semifinals, 0-3)
Head Coach: Jessica Wolverton (Gettysburg '05), 8th Season
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All-Time Record: 1,035-544 since 1968
Centennial Titles (3): 1994-99-15
Playoff Appearances (7): 1997-98-2006-07-13-15-17

Key ReturneesTaylor Bauman, Sr, L, 5.63 DPS, .59 SA/S, 2nd team All-CC; Marlowe Embry, Soph., OH, 3.05, .177 Hitting Pct., 2nd team All-CC; 3.37 DPS; Gayle Edelstein, Soph., S, 4.31 APS; Lauren Wells, Sr, S, 4.10 APS; Emma Lorenzen, Soph., MH, 1.79 KPS, .225 Hitting Pct., .74 BPS.
Key Losses: Teryn Rath, OPP, 2.06 KPS, .177 Hitting Pct.
Preseason Poll Projection: 5th
Outlook: With its entire starting lineup returning to play, McDaniel has potential to make another postseason appearance this November. Bauman, who was the conference’s front-runner in digs per set (5.63) in 2017, will lead the defense, while Embry will charge the offense. McDaniel continues to be a strong competitor and 2018 should be no different.

Kelly Tornetta, Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg (24-6 in 2017, 8-2 in CC, lost to Swarthmore in CC Semifinals, 1-3)
Head Coach: Amanda Krampf (Gettysburg '10), 1st Season
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All-Time Record: 555-481 since 1979
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (6): 2001-09-13-14-16-17 

Key ReturneesKelly Tornetta, Sr, OH, 3.48 KPS, .249 Hitting Pct, 2.46 DPS, 1st team All-CC; Shannon Hubert, Sr, S, 9.97 APS, 3.50 DPS, 2nd team All-CC; Maggie Enestvedt, Jr, OH, 3.18 KPS, .251 Hitting Pct, 2nd Team All-CC; Tara Register, Jr, OH, 2.15 KPS, .148 Hitting Pct., 2.54 DPS; Maya Illovsky, Soph., DS, 4.29 DPS; Erica Schultz, Sr, MH, 1.78 KPS, .279 Hitting Pct.
Key Losses
: None
Preseason Poll Projection
: 3rd
Outlook: The Mules did not lose any players to graduation. They welcome back 1st team All-Conference athlete Tornetta as well as 2nd team selections Hubert and Enestvedt. Tornetta led the conference in kills (376) while Enestvedt ranked fourth. Unsurprisingly, Hubert led the conference in assists (1,027). Keep an eye out for this trio as a talented Muhlenberg team looks to capture the title.

Sarah Girard, Swarthmore

Swarthmore (24-8 in 2017, 8-2 in CC, lost to Johns Hopkins in CC Championship, 1-3)
Head Coach: Harleigh Chwastyk (Trinity, Conn. '00), 17th Season
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All-Time Record: 325-310 since 1993
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (9): 2005-09-10-11-12-14-15-16-17

Key ReturneesSarah Girard, Sr, L, 5.40 DPS, 1.10 APS, .49 SA/S, 1st team All-CC; Mehra den Braven, Jr, OH, 3.30 KPS, .204 Hitting Pct, 3.68 DPS, 1st team All-CC; Emma Morgan-Bennett, Jr, MB, 1.65 KPS, .243 Hitting Pct, 0.78 BPS; Guin Mesh, Sr, DS, 2.49 DPS, .43 SA/S.
Key Losses
Sarah Wallace, OH, 3.09 KPS, .182 Hitting Pct, 3.39 DPS, 2nd team All-CC; Olivia Leventhal, OH, 2.20 KPS, .183 Hitting Pct; Malia Scott, S, 9.45 APS, 2.95 DPS.
Preseason Poll Projection: 2nd
Outlook: After having fallen to Johns Hopkins in the 2017 Conference final, Swarthmore is well positioned to contend for the title again this year. First-team All-Centennial selections Girard and den Braven return as key contributors. Last season Girard led the conference in digs (583) while den Braven ranked third in kills (353). Although Swarthmore lost five 2018 graduates, its strong returning squad will likely make a playoff run come November.

Miranda Foster, Ursinus

Ursinus (7-18 in 2017, 1-9 in CC, 10th place)
Head Coach: Cecily Scavicchio (Neumann University '12), 2nd Season
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All-Time Record: 197-404 since 1993
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (0) 

Key ReturneesKelly Piotrowicz, Jr, S, 5.17 APS, 2.15 DPS; Paige DeAlba, Soph., S, 4.12 APS; Sydney Gonzalez, Sr, L, 3.10 DPS; Miranda Foster, Jr, MB, 1.73 KPS, .167 Hitting Pct.
Key Losses
Allison Raff, OH, 2.52 KPS, .122 Hitting Pct, 2.98 DPS; Taylor McCartney, RS, 1.77 KPS, 1.49 DPS.
Preseason Poll Projection: 10th
Outlook: The Bears will continue to develop as they enter their second year under head coach Scavicchio. Piotrowicz will set up Foster in the middle, while the defense will be led by Gonzalez. A powerful incoming class could strengthen the team’s chances of a winning season.

Kaitlyn Marino
, Washington College

Washington College (17-11 in 2017, 3-7 in CC, 8th place)
Head Coach: Jamie Leventry (Towson '06), 6th Season
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| Roster | Schedule | 2017 Statistics | Season Preview (9/22)
All-Time Record: 516-799 since 1976
Centennial Titles (0)
Playoff Appearances (0) 

Key ReturneesKaitlyn Marino, Sr, OH, 2.76 KPS, .152 Hitting Pct., 2.28 DPS, HM All-CC; Lizzie Baden, Sr, OH, 2.16 KPS, .142 Hitting Pct.; Abby Smith, Soph., OH, 1.57 KPS, 2.50 DPS; Cassie Kowalski, Jr, OH, 1.58 KPS, .149 Hitting Pct., 2.42 DPS; Kylie Peets, Soph., MH, 1.25 KPS, .244 Hitting Pct., .68 BPS.
Key LossesAlaina Geissberger, MH, 2.01 KPS, .236 Hitting Pct., 1.00 BPS; Taylor Horan, S, 8.34 APS, 2.97 DPS; Amy Rohn, DS, 2.59 DPS.
Preseason Poll Projection: 9th
Outlook: The Shorewomen look to improve in the conference standings this season despite the loss of several starters. All-Conference selection Marino led the team in kills (188), kills per set (2.76) and points per set (3.5) last season and is projected to pace the offensive efforts again this fall. With thirteen underclassmen on the 2018 roster, Washington College will have to rely on newcomers to step up from the start.